BYNAXO UV-C Disinfection Chamber UVC4LSSD

 50,000.00  49,500.00



  1. 360-Degree irradiation and disinfection
  2. Kills a majority of viruses in a recommended disinfection cycle
  3. Time setting via timer enables effective & reliable disinfection
  4. Provide an effective disinfection operation where no other methods exist.
  5. Constructed from highly hygienic stainless steel, with inner CRC-PC supports
  6. Easy to operate
  7. Zero-Chemical-free & dry disinfection
  8. Long service life of UVC lamps
  9. Can be used with any domestic power source (normal plug connection)
  10. CE Certified

Scope of Device

BYNAXO – Disinfection Chamber (UVC Sanitizer) is an Eco-friendly and cost-effective tool that uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light sterilization to kill viruses and other pathogens before they enter secure areas. BYNAXO fixes key vulnerabilities in an environment like shops, hospitals, laboratories, industries, offices, educational institutions, clinics, optical & jewellery stores, restaurants, salon, beauty spa, household etc. by destroying the bacteria’s ability to multiply and spread disease.

Easy to Use

Before Entering a secure area, simply place your items into the chamber. Then, after exposing the items to UV-C light for a recommended time, they can be removed. 

There Are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and UV-C radiation in our chamber resulted in the elimination of 99.99% of common viruses and bacteria. 

Technical Specifications

Outer Dimensions in mm 490mm x 300mm x 500mm (WxDxH)

Inner Dimensions in mm 440mm x 300mm x 300mm (WxDxH)

Inner & Outer Body Inner body is made up of Stainless Steel

Disinfection Non-Ozone Ultraviolet Disinfection with 360 degree direction

No. of Trays 1 No. 385mm x 290mm (WxD) S.S.

No. of Door 1 Front (Swing Type)

Specifications of UVC 4 Nos. x 8W (12″)  UV germicidal lamp is a special type of lamp that produces 254nm ultraviolet C (UVC)


Please Check Compatibility Before Purchasing.


Additional information



Timer Setting

in Second/Digital

Mouth Opening

400mm x 280mm (WxH)

Sterilization Rate



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